A Solution to Streamline Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Law Firm Operations

When a consumer is interested in , they will normally contact a bankruptcy attorney in their area or simply walk into their office with no prior appointment. The average consumer will also want to know how much it will cost to file bankruptcy, at which time the attorney must gather enough information about their financial situation to provide a reasonable quote for services. The majority of attorneys do this by providing a free initial consultation.

Unfortunately, this method is proving to be extremely unsuccessful for many Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys. For example, a small law practice in Denver, Colorado recently said that she often only coverts 2 out of 10 free consultations to actual bankruptcy clients who retain her services. This is a great loss of time and money; in fact, about 80% of it.

Another attorney in Los Angeles, California said that he spends about 25 hours of free consultations per week to average 3 new clients who pay a retainer. And still, another attorney in Phoenix, Arizona said that he is spending so much of his time with free client consultations that end up resulting in a total loss of income, that he has little time to dedicate to clients who have retained him. He is considering hiring an in-house attorney or law student but is afraid he cannot afford it right now.

Problems like these, and thousands more like them are not uncommon in the average Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy office today. However, attorneys are finding the necessity to streamline operations just to keep up with the increased workload within the bankruptcy industry itself. They no longer can afford to spend 3, 4 or more hours per day interviewing clients, only to find out they either are ineligible to file bankruptcy; or even worse, to discover there are potential problems that may cost more time for the attorney or paralegal that were not anticipated during the initial client meeting.

A Proposed Solution
The Initial Intake Form, a tool recently developed by , is designed to enable law firms to meet these time saving goals as well as accomplish much more.

The Initial Intake Form is a 4-page form that is basically comprised of yes and no questions. This makes it very simple and fast for potential client(s) to fill out and complete either at the law firm or over the internet by accessing the law firm’s website. The information gathered from these yes and no responses is designed to be simple and fast for the attorney to interpret also. This is accomplished through the extremely detailed, 75-page Operations Manual that comes with the package.

To find out more and watch a product demo VIDEO about the Initial Intake Form Kit, visit: .


US Immigration DVD Lowers Illegal Immigration

US-Immigration-Explained, the first DVD to ever explain US immigration law to the masses in simple language is actually lowering illegal immigration rates. “We have received a number of calls recently”, states immigration lawyer and author Steven Riznyk, “that demonstrate the effect”. He states that people call explaining they had no concept of how the system works and for the first time really understand how their ideas were wrong and would hurt their lives. And people are actually telling me, states Mr Riznyk that they are returning, where others are telling me that they have decided against making the journey.

A lot of people, states Steven Riznyk, have this misconception that they can illegally enter the United States and a year or so later all is forgiven. “I don’t know how these rumors start, but they get misinterpreted along the way and people’s lives are ruined by them”. What we are observing now, states Mr Riznyk, is that people, given the right information, are making rational decisions based on reality, not rumor. If they can decide based on a fact, they are more likely to make a decision that they will honor. And what we are finding, states Steven, is that people are finally understanding that they do have a choice; they don’t just have to run to the United States because it’s there. They can file a case legally as well. Customers are also recognizing that some things have more value than money itself.

People do not realize that there are a number of ways of entering legally. More importantly, they are realizing what the penalties are for entering illegally. As a result, US-Immigration-Explained is making people think twice before risking their lives to enter illegally. One who enters illegally is known by immigration lawyers as an EWI (Entry Without Inspection). This situation has to be distinguished from someone who enters legally and then overstays their visa. Many people in this situation do not realize that there are some options available. Once you leave the United States, a law called IIRIRA kicks in with 3 or 10-year bars for certain people. As a result, many people who had a possible solution did not educate themselves, left the country吉林福彩网app官方下载, and now are stuck separated from their family for 3, or more likely, 10 years.

An EWI puts a lot at risk. The person, usually a male, leaves his wife and children behind, and often puts his life on the line trying to enter the United States. Where before he had a family to come 吉林福彩网app官方下载 to every night, he is now alone. Where before he worked a certain number of hours, he is now working every single hour he can. The comfort of a place to live is gone, and he is often sharing with a number of people. Why put all that at risk, states Mr Riznyk, when you have to live like a fugitive? This message has value especially to those who do have a family and some work back 吉林福彩网app官方下载. I don’t think they realize what they stand to lose , states Mr Riznyk, and they really have to ask themselves if they are gaining anything by being here. I have spoken to many, many people over the years who gave up their families and children, and looking back they wish they had never snuck into the US. With all the great things America has to offer, there is more value in remaining with your family than chasing the material dream, especially if you are one of the lucky ones who do have work and a family to come 吉林福彩网app官方下载 to.

“There is so much misinformation out there that I felt there was a need for a clear message.” states Mr Riznyk, who has been in the field of immigration law for 22 years. I have dealt with thousands of cases of all types and there was no end to the lack of accurate information, he goes on to say. Sadly, the Internet has a lot of information but it is not organized. And there is so much to explain if you want to be thorough, states Mr Riznyk, that the shortest DVD program we were able to produce turned out to be almost 5 hours long.

And frankly, states Steven, had we not excluded the section on doctors and nurses it would have been substantially longer, and that could have made people stay away. However, the program is conveniently divided into chapters such as visitors, investors, students, relatives, workers, citizenship, miscellaneous visas, Green Cards, and waivers for criminal and health reasons.

The flip side of this, states Mr Riznyk, is that a lot of people don’t realize that they can legally achieve their goals. For example, if someone is unskilled and wants to work in the United states for 1-3 years, they can legally do so under the H-2B visa and save up some money. A Green Card is even possible, states Mr Riznyk, if they are willing to find an appropriate job offer and wait patiently. However, lack of patience often is the theme of the day and destroys future chances. Issues such as stating you are a citizen when you are not, entering illegally a second time, or voting when you are not a citizen can keep you out of this country吉林福彩网app官方下载.

The DVD is available in English, Spanish, and Japanese. It is available at . Steven Riznyk’s law firm can be found at . His e-mail address is . He is the author of two blogs, one for immigration law, and one for business investors, and the links for both can be found on his attorney web site, .


Chicago Birth-Injury Attorney Announces $6.5 Million Settlement

in Chicago announces the award of a 6.5 million dollar settlement between Jeff and Whitney G and Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

On September 30 – October 1, 1996 Whitney G gave birth to RG. The family contended that during the birth of RG, negligence on the part of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and their staff caused RG to suffer severe and traumatic brain injury.

The Deratany Firm retained over 13 world-renowned expert witnesses to testify on behalf of the family regarding the cause and severity of the infant’s sustained birth trauma injuries. These expert witnesses were specialists in the areas of pediatric brain injury, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, and Pitocin related pediatric brain injury.

RG is now 14 years old and a young lady whom the Deratany Firm is proud to represent. She continues to struggle with the consequent difficulties of her birth injury.

who specializes in the areas of wrongful death and birth-trauma, and advocates for the rights of birth-injured children and their families.


Access Legal From Shoosmiths Hooks Up With Biker Group

Access Legal from Shoosmiths is to help the 50,000-strong Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) become the UK’s leading consumer organisation for bikers, as the consumer legal services provider announces it has teamed-up with MAG to offer free legal advice to its members.

Comprising volunteers, MAG lobbies to protect motorcycling from legislation it believes threatens riders’ pleasure; while its charitable arm – The MAG Foundation – promotes motorcycling through research, representation and collaboration.

Access legal from  is providing a dedicated 24/7 legal helpline to MAG members, their friends and family, offering free legal advice on a range of issues, including .

Then, for every personal injury instruction received via MAG, Access Legal from Shoosmiths will donate £100 to the Foundation, while £50 will be donated for conveyancing instructions, £25 for motor defence, and £15 for wills.

Partner and head of consumer services at Access Legal, Judith Dorkins said: “Not only are we boosting funds for a worthwhile cause, we’re also helping MAG members pursue their rights, have easy access to justice, understand the legal process, and make informed decisions.

“It’s great example of our commitment to investing in the community.”

MAG general secretary Nich Brown said: “MAG members know their right to ride is one of the most important things in life. Every day we’re asked for advice on how to fight injustices by riders who’ve had a raw deal. This partnership means our members can quickly find expert legal advice of all kinds whenever they need it.”


The Cap Is Getting Close For H2B Visas

This week the government released the latest count for the , and we are at 58,845. The H-2B, states immigration lawyer Steven Riznyk () is a wonderful visa that allows employers with peak load, seasonal, and intermittent needs to hire temporary foreign workers to help them through. The H-2B does not have a degree requirement as contrasted to the H1b, so there is no shortage of persons available for the type of work that requires this assistance.

The only drawback to the H-2B, states Steven Riznyk, is that it requires the position to be advertised, which adds to the cost, sometimes substantially. Although this adds to the cost of the case, it is still a less expensive case than the H-1B that has filing fees of $1570 or $2320. In addition, with the H1B, employers often pay the $1000 Premium Processing fee in order to receive a rapid response. There is a blanket petition available as long as the multiple workers (called beneficiaries) conduct the same type of work on the same basis and in the same occupation and locale. Unlike the H1B’s specific rules, the employee can pay for the legal and filing fees of the case. If an employer terminates an employee, though, that employer must provide transportation to return the person to their 吉林福彩网app官方下载 country吉林福彩网app官方下载 and notify the USCIS. If an employer does not meet the conditions of the H2B or willfully misrepresents a material fact, he or she could face a $10,000 fine per violation, as well as be closed out of the petition process for 1-5 year term.

Workers who typically apply for the H-2B are in construction, health care, hospitality, food service, and farming. The H2B can also be used for performers as well as the technical and support personnel involved with the performance.

The H-2B can be filed up to 6 months before the need for the help arises; with most positions beginning in October and April. The first step is to obtain Labor Certification and that is where the advertising requirement enters into the picture. The DOL (Department of Labor) deals with this aspect before you can even apply for the visa. They do not allow you to obtain certification more than 120 days before you have the need.

An annual allotment of 66,000 visas is available and the SOS (Save our Small and Seasonal Businesses) Act of 2005 split it into two periods, 33,000 visas on October 1st and 33,000 visas on April 1st. The case has to be advertised in a local newspaper for 3 consecutive days (one day must be on a Sunday) and it is placed in an SWA (State Workforce Agency) job bank for 10 days. Renewals of the H2B visa are not counted towards the annual cap, nor are spouses and children. In accordance with the cap, no more than 33,000 can be issued in the first 6 months. The reason for this was in the past, winter employees had an advantage, which then impacted the availability of visas for summer workers.

In order to win an H-2B case, the employer must demonstrate a temporary need to the position. It could be a peak-load, seasonal, one-time, or intermittent need. Normally, the visa is issued for one year, but it can be renewed up to two more times, for a total of three years. However, if a visa is renewed, a new labor certificate is required. The numbers are counting down and if you are seeking an H2B, pay attention to the countdown!


Another Frivolous Atrazine Class Action Lawsuit Only Harms U.S. Farmers

After plaintiffs’ attorneys filed a federal lawsuit Monday in the Southern District of Illinois, Kurtis B. Reeg, attorney for defendant Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., said another frivolous atrazine lawsuit only harms U.S. farmers.

“In these tough economic times, one may wonder why anyone – other than class action lawyers – would seek to destroy what EPA estimates is a $2 billion annual economic benefit to the nation, and all of the jobs that go with it,” Reeg said. “This lawsuit has no merit because we know from EPA-mandated testing that no water systems since 2005 have exceeded the annual average guidance for atrazine. We intend to defend ourselves vigorously.”

Atrazine is a widely-used herbicide in the U.S. and 60 countries around the world to help grow safe, affordable and abundant crops, including corn, sorghum, and sugar cane. EPA re-registered atrazine in 2006, stating it would cause no harm to the general population.

“This suit is no surprise, as the same plaintiffs’ attorneys who have been trying a wasteful case in Madison County, Ill., have been shopping this around for years,” said Reeg. “Just last month, plaintiffs in Illinois voluntarily dismissed numerous damage and liability claims they had made in their case. With that disarray, it appears attorneys are scrambling to another venue in which to waste scarce taxpayer resources with junk science and false allegations for personal gain at the expense of U.S. agriculture.

“Filing in federal court appears to be a mis-step, given the Iberville Parish, La., case which was dismissed by Chief Judge Butler in Mobile, Ala., in 1999. Judge Butler ruled that removing safe and approved levels of atrazine from drinking water was unnecessary and that shifting the costs of such unnecessary removal was wrong. This decision was also upheld on appeal, and we hope the court will rely on this past verdict to guide future decisions.

“Everyone should bear in mind that if a 150-pound adult drank literally thousands of gallons of water with atrazine at three parts-per-billion every day for 70 years, she still would not reach the exposure level at which no adverse impact has been detected in the laboratory.

“We know these communities are strapped for cash, and suing companies to upgrade their decades-old water systems may seem like an easy way to raise money, but it only harms local farmers who rely on these safely-regulated crop protection tools for their livelihood and to help cost-effectively feed a quickly growing consumer public.

“The many statements by farmers and their associations attest to their support for atrazine and its safety in use. They have for half a century. EPA’s atrazine regulation is a model of sound science carefully applied in its mission of protecting all Americans and our environment.

“As a hallmark of good stewardship, my client worked voluntarily with stakeholders for years and since then also with EPA to monitor the water systems where minute detections of atrazine may occasionally occur. Since 2005, no water system has had an annual average atrazine level in its drinking water greater than the EPA standard, which itself carries a 1000-fold safety factor.


H1 B Visa Season is in Full Swing

The H1-b season is here. Many foreign workers with 4-year degrees will be filing their cases April 1st in the hopes of being able to work in the United States come October 1st. This visa is most popular amongst three groups of people: foreign students, medical professionals, and the tech sector. The H1b is fraught with a lot of misinformation. As a result, international lawyer Steven Riznyk has prepared a 9-page handout that people can download free at  in order to clarify the many questions immigration lawyers receive this time of year.

There is just so much misinformation out there, states Mr Riznyk, and with filing fees as high as they are, it would be a shame to file a case that would clearly not qualify. Additionally, the Internet if full of misinformation – information that is partial, preventing people from really understanding the issues. A call he received last week is indicative of what he means. A gentleman who drives trucks called me, states Mr Riznyk, and explained he had a job offer as a truck driver. We discussed his options and he had wanted me to call him back in Austria, which I did. He informed me that he did not want to hear from me anymore as he read a web site that informed him that for $247 he could apply for an H-1B visa and he stated “lawyers are too expensive”. The $247 he read in the web site stated it included filing fees. The filing fees for an H1B are $1570 or $2320, depending on the number of employees, and the H1B requires a 4-year degree or equivalent for a position that requires a four-year degree. Unfortunately, that person will not only lose $247, but also the filing date of April 1st. Most importantly he doesn’t qualify for an H1B, but nothing I could say would dissuade him.

Another aspect of the H1 that many people are not aware of is that it can be used for part-time work. The reason this is important is that the wages for an H1B employee are guided by a “prevailing wage” that the person must be paid. Regrettably, many employers seek to hire a foreign person in order to pay them less. When they discover that these candidates have to be paid a regulated wage, they often are unable to afford it. What they can do, states Mr Riznyk, is hire the person under the allowable budget, but on a part-time basis. However, states Mr Riznyk, there is a catch. If that person makes a high salary, that person is able to work part-time and still sustain themselves in the United States. If it is a low-paying position, the person may not make enough to cover expenses and that would lead to difficulties.

Lastly, cases should be well-documented. A lot of applicants pay the $1000 fee for Premium Processing so that they can have a rapid reply. However, they may receive an approval, denial, or RFE. An RFE is a Request For Evidence, or another way of stating that the government has more questions. If a case is not well documented, states Mr Riznyk, an RFE will not only slow the case down, but drive up the legal fees as responses to RFEs can take as long as the original case to prepare or longer. A lot of the appeals clients bring us, states Steven Riznyk, are from cases that were poorly prepared. I would urge people to really make certain that the case has all the information required to document all of the material aspects of the case so that it is not returned to you.


Access Legal Calls For More Help For Asbestos Disease Victims

Access Legal, consumer legal services provider from Shoosmiths, is calling for more to be done to help victims of mesothelioma, as it believes that not enough is being done to help sufferers of fatal asbestos-related diseases.

Access Legal wants to see more done to help victims of mesothelioma, an asbestos-linked cancer common in builders, plumbers, joiners, and teachers.

The call comes in the midst of a Health & Safety Executive awareness-raising campaign aimed at those workers most at risk. Sara Hunt, associate and asbestos specialist at Access legal from , said: “With some people already hit by this creeping disease, and with many others potentially at risk, not a lot seems to be getting done.

“There are calls for government funding for a national centre for asbestos related diseases, and a 24,000-signature petition was presented to 10 Downing Street last year, but there’s been little positive reaction.”

Hunt also believes Alimta – a drug that extends the life expectancy of mesothelioma sufferers – should remain available on the NHS. In 2007 the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) said the drug was not cost effective. However, following successful lobbying that decision was overturned, and Alimta was made available on the NHS. Now, that decision in turn is being challenged.

Hunt said: “If that challenge succeeds, suffers will no longer have NHS access to Alimta.

“Malignant mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer, and sufferers often have a very short life expectancy. Is it right to deny them access to a drug that may extend their life?”

Asbestos was used extensively as a building, insulating and fireproof material, particularly from the 1950s to 1980s. People exposed as long ago as 40 years might only now be developing asbestos-related conditions.

Asbestos remains in around 500,000 UK buildings, with people exposed when asbestos is disturbed and asbestos fibres become airborne. It can also be disturbed by pushing drawing pins into walls, and it is thought a single drawing pin can release 6,000 fibres. Mesothelioma can be caused by exposure to just one fibre.

Teaching unions are campaigning for asbestos to be removed from schools, after figures revealed 228 teachers died from asbestos-related diseases between 1991 and 2005.


RJW Investigates Reports Of Failures At Staffordshire Hospitals

RJW is currently investigating cases of negligence after a report by Robert Francis QC revealed a catalogue of failures at Mid Staffordshire hospitals. An obsession with hitting targets led to the neglect and unnecessary death of patients. In response, the Prime Minister said that managers would be held to account for failures by the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust.

Francis warned that hospitals should understand that their excellence was not guaranteed by their star rating: what matters is the way patients are treated.

“The story of Stafford shows graphically, and sadly, that benchmarks, comparative ratings and foundation trust status do not in themselves bring to light serious and systematic failings,” he said.

Relatives of patients at Mid Staffordshire were unhappy that the report failed to support calls by organisations such as AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) for a public enquiry.

Paul Sankey, specialist clinical negligence solicitor and partner at Russell Jones & Walker (RJW) said: “What is needed is a patient-centred culture in which pursuing targets does not detract from care. Sadly patients are too often been the victims of errors which should have been avoided.”

Russell Jones & Walker have a specialist team pursuing claims for people who have suffered serious harm as a result of avoidable medical accidents. They have recently recovered a 7-figure award for a  on behalf of a man who suffered the injury after doctors failed to carry out a planned investigation and to prevent a stroke. They have also won compensation for the husband of a woman who died of skin cancer and another who died of lung cancer. Other cases concern people whose fractures were not diagnosed where the wrong tests were done or x-rays misinterpreted. They are currently involved in claims against the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust.

has a specialist  department with experts accredited by the Law Society and AvMA who handle claims for damages arising from clinical negligence. With its network of offices across the country吉林福彩网app官方下载 RJW can assist with claims nationwide.

About Russell Jones & Walker
Russell Jones & Walker is a leading national firm of solicitors dedicated to upholding the legal rights of individuals. From the firms foundation in the 1920s the focus has and continues to be, people and those who represent them.

The firm has grown from its trade union roots into a respected national organisation with nine offices across England and Wales, and an associated office in Scotland. The reputation of Russell Jones & Walker is built on the range of expertise offered by its partners and staff and on the scope of their practical experience.

RJW Solicitors represents clients across a range of areas from personal  work to commercial and criminal litigation, defamation, reputation management, clinical negligence, including , as well as providing specialties as employment lawyers and fraud lawyers.


Student Visa Option for the United States

This is the time of year that students are making application to foreign school and deciding on where they would like to go to enjoy their studies. Many are choosing the United States and this article will help the students understand what is involved in obtaining a student visa for the U.S. Immigration attorney Steven Riznyk () states that most students don’t require an immigration lawyer to prepare their case, but they should really understand the mechanics of the visa and what is allowed. For example, many students who call Mr Riznyk do so because they either work without authorization, overstay their visa, or do not attend classes as required and then unfortunately, they do require an .

The student visa is a wonderful opportunity for someone to visit another country吉林福彩网app官方下载 as well as gain an outlook on a different way of life and diverse business culture. In the United States there are 3 options for students: the F-1, M-1, and J-1 visas.

The F-1 is very popular, states Mr Riznyk, and is used by students seeking to enter the United States to pursue a degree or seek other educational options that are not covered by the M-1. In order to qualify, it has the requirement that the student keep a foreign residence which he or she does not intend on abandoning. In other words, a student cannot enter the United States with the intent of living there permanently. The student must enter with the intent of studying full-time. Family members of the student receive an F-2 but cannot work or study, with the exception of children, who may attend grades 1-12.

In order to obtain a student visa, the applicant must find a school that will accept him or her and then use the form I-20, which can be found on . In addition to being accepted by an approved school, the student must demonstrate academic credentials sufficient to attend the school, states Mr Riznyk. The student must also demonstrate that he or she has enough money to pay for the school as well as living expenses. A proficiency in English is required, unless the student can show that he or she will be taught English at a level that would make him or her proficient. Last but not least, the student must show that he or she intends to depart the US at the end of the studies. Read on, however, as this aspect gets interesting!


The Coming King Foundation (TCKF), A Texas Nonprofit Reached A Settlement Monday With Mesa Vista Landowners, Settling A 15-Month Property Dispute

A last-minute settlement agreement was presented to State District Judge Keith Williams on Monday, March 1st, as trial was about to get underway in the lawsuit brought by neighboring landowners against (TCKF), a Texas nonprofit arts organization. TCKF plans to build a first class Sculpture Prayer Garden on 23 acres overlooking IH-10 and Highway 16, highlighted by the cross on top of a hill. Mesa Vista landowners suit prohibited the raising of the cross within the prayer garden.

The settlement agreement reached Monday allows the cross to be raised as planned putting an end to the 15-month property dispute and bringing peaceful a resolution and healing to this Texas Hill Country community.

Last month the Mesa Vista landowners lost their bid to have the case dismissed in their favor and Judge Williams ordered the trial to proceed on March 1st. Shortly thereafter, settlement negotiations were initiated by the landowners, which for the first time included an agreement to allow the cross to be raised on TCKF’s lot.“Once that point was conceded, both sides moved quickly to resolve differences and eventually agreed to a compromise”, said Kevin Young, attorney for TCKF. “We’re thankful that both sides could put away their swords and solve this in a Christian manner,” said Fern Lancaster, TCKF board member and treasurer.

“The Coming King Foundation will realize its vision of a cross and sculpture garden and the Mesa Vista residents will realize their goal of maintaining the privacy of their neighborhood,” said Mesa Vista 吉林福彩网app官方下载owners’ attorney, Richard Mosty, in a prepared statement.

As part of the settlement, The Coming King Foundation will construct a solid fence on the site where the $2M, 70-ton cross will be located. The settlement also allows for lighting of the cross that is non-intrusive for residents of the subdivision and limited private access to the cross from Mesa Vista Lane, keeping the main entrance to the Garden on IH-10. In addition, TCKF will also pay the Mesa Vista neighbors $25,000 over the next several months as part of the settlement. Each side is responsible for paying its own attorney’s fees and legal expenses.

When asked whether he had won the case because the cross will go up, David Brock, co-counsel for TCKF said, “Everybody won. This agreement is respectful of everyone’s property rights and is better than a trial victory for either side.” TCKF board member and Vice President, Jim McKnight, added, “A peaceful resolution has been our desire and prayer since the lawsuit was filed. This is a great day for our community and now we can move forward.”

TCKF plans to raise the cross and complete the Garden as soon as sufficient funds are available. “Although we have incurred significant expense in our legal defense,” said TCKF board member and President Max Greiner Jr., “we are confident that God pays for what He ordains, and we invite our community, neighbors, friends and the greater Christian community to unite in support around this God-given vision and Sculpture Prayer Garden.”


Russell Jones & Walker Wins Claim Against London’s Oldest Gay Pub

Russell Jones & Walker has won a claim (Case number: 609803.1) of adopting ‘an anti-gay policy’ against the new owners of London’s oldest gay pub on behalf of Mr Charles Lisboa, 41, who joined the Coleherne Arms as Assistant Manager shortly before it re-opened as the Pembroke Arms in December 2008.

The pub, regarded as London’s first ‘gay pub’, had attracted an exclusively gay clientele until its acquisition by Realpubs in 2008. The new owners stated that they intended to refurbish the pub and re-package it as a gastro-pub, to attract patrons from a wider section of the community.

However, soon after the pub re-opened as the Pembroke Arms, Malcolm Heap, Director at Realpubs, expressed concern to staff that the clientele had not really changed. The Tribunal accepted that Mr Heap, along with Jimmy Sydney, the pub’s General Manager, took various steps to ‘de-gay’ the pub, including putting a sign up outside proclaiming, ‘This is not a gay pub’.

Mr Heap also stressed in an email to one of Realpub’s investors that he was attempting to ban the pub’s ‘over the top’ customers.

Mr Lisboa was uncomfortable with the stance taken by Realpubs’ management regarding their attitude to him and the pub’s gay customers. On one occasion, Mr Lisboa was asked by Mr Heap to reprimand a gay couple for their behaviour, referring to them as ‘queens’. Mr Heap then went on to say that Mr Lisboa was ‘another kind of gay’. On a separate occasion, Mr Heap stated that one of Mr Lisboa’s colleague’s ‘walked too camp’.

Only four weeks after joining the Pembroke Arms Mr Lisboa tendered his resignation due to .

The London Central Employment Tribunal has upheld Mr Lisboa’s claim that he was the victim of  and awarded him compensation. However, his claim of constructive dismissal was deemed unsuccessful.