Schillings Recommend Key Changes To Privacy And Reputation Protection

, the leading law firm protecting the privacy and reputations of businesses and high-profile individuals, has released the findings of its recent entitled – ‘A private life in the public eye’. The research report sets out a ‘Blueprint for change’ to help people protect their privacy and reputation without compromising the vital principle of freedom of expression. The launch of the report coincides with the Government’s DCMS Select Committee’s comprehensive report into Press Standards, Privacy and Libel.

The overarching aim of the research was to discover what it means to be in the public eye today and where the line should be drawn to separate the part of a person’s life that should remain private. The key areas of interest included: Attitudes towards privacy; Importance of legal measures; Due prominence of apologies; The effectiveness of the Press Complaints Commission; Dissatisfaction with press reporting; Prior notification and the future challenges facing .

The research provides evidence that people are dissatisfied with the current position regarding reputation and privacy. The opinions of the audience presented in the report do not necessarily represent those of Schillings. An area of common ground is the view showing that whilst it is important to permit publication of matters that are genuinely in the public interest, too often reputations are damaged, and privacy invaded, by the publication of stories that are untrue, or where the main aim is to satisfy salacious curiosity about the lives of the rich and famous irrespective of the distress caused to them, their families and their friends.

Gideon Benaim, Partner at Schillings, who led the research project commented: “Schillings has been at the forefront of developing  in this country吉林福彩网app官方下载 and has set legal precedent providing everyone the right of protection in respect of their 吉林福彩网app官方下载 life, their children and medical information, as well as other areas considered private. This means their private life should not be reported by the press unless it is truly a matter in the public interest. However, in some areas we find the media don’t make the correct distinction between ‘public interest’ and ‘of interest to the public’ which are quite different concepts.”

Schillings concluded that the aims of existing laws are sound. But in practice, they frequently fail to achieve a satisfactory balance between the public interest, the truth and privacy. The report recommends three key reforms to reputation laws under the proposal called the ‘Blueprint for change’; each of which are supported by the recommendations in the DCMS report.

– The press should have to notify people before publishing stories that will seriously invade their privacy.
– It should be easier to obtain injunctions preventing the publication of untrue allegations.
– Introduce a pre-publication system to resolve disputes.


The Co-Operative Group Promotes Legal 吉林福彩网app官方下载 To Food Shoppers

The Co-operative Group today (15 April) launched a high profile campaign to promote the offered by its own specialist division to shoppers in its food stores.

The in-store campaign aims to raise awareness of the wide range of advice and expertise available through The Co-operative Legal 吉林福彩网app官方下载.

The campaign, which will last nine weeks, includes in-store radio and animated till screen displays.

Eddie Ryan, Managing Director of Bristol based Co-operative Legal 吉林福彩网app官方下载, said:”The shoppers in our 3,000 plus food stores represent a huge market for us so we were delighted that during a similar campaign last year awareness levels of CLS jumped by more than 5 per cent.

“We are confident that this campaign will be equally successful as it is the first time we have promoted our legal services to the enlarged food estate following the acquisition of Somerfield last year.

The Co-operative Legal 吉林福彩网app官方下载, part of The Co-operative Group, the UK’s largest mutual retailer, provide a range of  to members and customers covering Will writing, , Conveyancing, Employment and. A wide range of free legal advice is also provided.


How to Negotiate Effectively and Peacefully With the IRS

California  Duane Light counsels his clients to have compassion for any authority figure they speak with, and to approach them as a “friend in the making.” Here is an from one of Duane’s past clients:

“I am a professional counselor.  In 2002, I had a beautiful and profound outcome with an IRS tax issue, based on an “enlightened” approach suggested to me by my friend and Holistic Attorney Duane Light. When I first spoke to Duane, I was afraid of the IRS. I had a large IRS debt that grew after a serious injury kept me from earning income for two years. I didn’t know what to do and was especially afraid of calling them.

I called Duane, and he gave me guidance to call the IRS with an open heart, honesty and compassion.  He suggested that I “treat the IRS agent as a friend in the making.”   He told me that the average job turnover in the IRS is 9 months, and that many of these individuals don’t enjoy their work. and rarely experience compassion and care from someone on the other end of the phone line.

After meditating and praying until I became calm, and when I sincerely felt that I could care for the person on the other end of the line, I made the call.  My heart was open toward the IRS agent, and I know he felt that. I was able to be friendly, direct and truthful about my financial situation.  Amazingly, the agent reclassified my debt as uncollectible!  All my dealings with the IRS since that time have been completely benign and full of good will.” S.F., Mill Valley , California

Mr. Light also recommends being organized with numbers, paperwork, and an offer that you can follow through on, so you can help the agent with his or her analysis. And, if you get the rare belligerent agent on the phone, it’s o.k. to say that something came up and that you have to go, disconnect and call back a little later – you’ll get a new agent and can start anew.

Duane Light became a holistic  in 1996, limiting his practice to people who wish to invoke their highest principals and create spiritually fulfilling outcomes. Mr. Light now enjoys higher client satisfaction, and cases generally go more smoothly and more often result in win-win outcomes.

You can learn more about this effective and compassionate approach at . Mr. Light can be reached at or 877-275-5444.


Divorce Attorney Introduces A Novel Reduced Fee Program For His San Francisco Bay Area Clients Who Pay Their Bills Promptly

People facing a decision to end a marriage are often daunted at the prospect of paying the notoriously very high hourly fees charged by experienced Family Law attorneys. A complicated case can require hundreds of hours of attorney time, and therefore tens of thousands of dollars in expense. Even a simple case requires a significant expenditure to complete financial disclosures, negotiate a complete settlement and prepare and execute the numerous required documents.

Especially in the current economy of depressed 吉林福彩网app官方下载 values and decimated investment accounts, paying even a very good professional for services at a typical rate of $350 to $450 per hour, and more, just does not make sense to most potential clients.

When asked why their rates are so high, Divorce attorneys routinely justify the high rates by pointing out that their clients often do not pay their bills in full, leaving the attorney with uncollectible accounts receivable. This low rate of collection therefore justifies charging everyone a higher rate, or so they say.

In response to the current economy, and realizing that the many honest clients who do honor their financial obligations should not be charged extra to cover the unpaid bills of complete strangers, Berkeley attorney has been offering clients a . He realized that expecting some clients to not pay, and then overcharging good clients to make up for the others, was itself the problem. So he has turned this around. Mr. Holcomb explains: “If my clients are willing to make a real commitment to paying for my services, then I commit to an hourly rate that is $50 to $150 per hour less than most other experienced attorneys are charging.”

Mr. Holcomb’s attorney/client fee agreement literally puts a line through his standard hourly rate, and instead offers a reduced rate for every minute of services he provides, so long as the client either posts advance payment for services, or pays within 10 days of invoicing. If the client falls behind, they are assessed the full rate.

This has been a true “win/win” that works for both clients and for this “” attorney. “We start out on a foundation of mutual trust, and mutual responsibility, with mutual rewards. In the 8 months since initiating this new policy, I have never had to assert the “standard” rate, because my client’s are very appreciative of the fair value of my services, and make an extra effort to stay ahead of their bills.”

Mr. Holcomb acknowledges that a good lawyer’s service on a divorce are never cheap, but he estimates his comparatively low hourly rate saves each client $5,000 on average, or about a 20% savings.

“My clients are happy to pay less, and I am happy to get paid for my work”, he says. “Too many of my colleagues complain about clients who demand services but refuse to pay for what they have already received, much less for future work. My clients are treated fairly from the outset, and so they treat me fairly. That is our contract from the beginning. We are all much happier.”

Mr. Holcomb is a trained Collaborative Divorce professional, offering “out of court” divorce services. He has 24 years experience as a divorce and civil litigator in all the Northern California courts. He is available for mediation, litigation and pre-marital and post-marital planning.

Mr. Holcomb offers a fixed fee initial consultation at either his main South Berkeley or Walnut Creek office.


Lawyers To Lawmakers: Reject Anti-Consumer Foreclosure Bill

A group of attorneys who represent foreclosure defendants around the state is calling on lawmakers to deceptively titled “吉林福彩网app官方下载owner Relief and Housing Recovery Act” designed to change Florida’s foreclosure process from that is supervised by the courts, to a non-judicial process that would be entirely in the hands of the banks and mortgage companies from start to finish. Lawyers for 吉林福彩网app官方下载owners Rights or LHR-FL, a statewide coalition of consumer attorneys, will travel to Tallahassee on April 21 with 吉林福彩网app官方下载owners to speak out against this anti-consumer legislation. According to Chip Parker, a Jacksonville attorney, “every Florida 吉林福彩网app官方下载owner should be worried about passage of this bill”.

The two bills, HB 1523 by Rep. Tom Grady, R-Naples, and SB 2270, by Sen. Michael Bennett, R-Bradenton, will be considered this week by legislative committees. These two lawmakers want to allow mortgage companies to obtain foreclosure quickly so the 吉林福彩网app官方下载 owned by a borrower who falls behind on their payments can be sold only after two letters sent by mail. If the 吉林福彩网app官方下载owner does not respond or cannot pay what has been demanded by the bank, the house can be s sold -even if the 吉林福彩网app官方下载owner is still living in it. There would be no independent review of any amounts claimed to be owed, or whether there has been a default under the mortgage, or even if the mortgage company has the right to foreclose even if there has been a mistake.

“It offends me that bankers can convince our lawmakers to use such blatantly misleading titles to legislation in a concerted effort to fool consumers,” said St Petersburg attorney , who represents hundreds of 吉林福彩网app官方下载owners across the state in . “I see first-hand, every single day the profound effect the foreclosure crisis is having on consumers, institutions and our communities. This bill will do nothing to help 吉林福彩网app官方下载owners.”

LHR-FL opposes the legislation saying that these institutions cannot be trusted with the foreclosure process pointing to a federal probe, recently reported in the Wall Street Journal, that is now underway and looking into alleged fraud by a Jacksonville, Florida company known as Lender Processing 吉林福彩网app官方下载 and its subsidiary Docx, LLC. These companies regularly prepare thousands of documents for banks and mortgage companies to be used in foreclosures all over the U.S., including at least one document that was prepared and filed in a Florida county showing that “bogus assignee” owned the mortgage. “Our lawmakers should not vote to trust the same people involved in that kind of activity. That is not good judgment in our view”, says Weidner.

Dominick Salfi, a former Circuit Court Judge in Seminole County, says “passage of this law would only worsen the abuse by mortgage companies”. He continues, “mortgage companies, banks and their lawyers are taking advantage of our overworked judges and their support staff who do not have sufficient hours in a day to thoroughly review each file.” LHR-FL argues that lawmakers who vote to put the foreclosure process in the hands of an industry that has shown little regard for the law, our courts and 吉林福彩网app官方下载owner rights themselves risk being someday at the mercy of these institutions if mortgage payments are missed. “It’s a sobering thought. Even if you have faithfully paid for years into your mortgage, if something unexpected happens to you and cannot pay, or if the mortgage company mistakes you for someone else, it’s two notices and you’re out. That could happen to anyone, and it’s just not safe at all.” says Parker.

More Is Celebrating Its National Launch With A Sweepstakes Campaign is celebrating its national launch with a , which will award the winner an Amazon Kindle. offers users the ability to search online for top-tier attorneys in their local market. “We felt that giving away a Kindle was the perfect way to launch our product nationally,” said Founder and CEO, Renate Harrison. “The Kindle is an innovative new device that is changing the way people read books and, similarly, Quigal is innovative and new and changing the way the people search for attorneys.”

The sweepstakes will run for a period of two months and participants can enter several ways: (i) by leaving feedback on Quigal’s website – Quigal employees are looking forward to reading the feedback and will consider any added features or changes visitors suggest; (ii) by becoming fans of Quigal on Facebook; and finally, (iii) by becoming followers of Quigal on Twitter. is one of the first  to make extensive use of social networking. Moreover, allows its attorneys to link to their own social networking sites. This is a feature that many other attorney search sites have not yet exploited. Harrison noted that, “At Quigal, we strive to run our site in a way that matches how visitors and businesses use the internet. Many businesses and professionals make use of social networking sites to promote their trade and it just seemed natural that Quigal would allow its  to link to them as well.”


Online Attorney Search Website To Offer Nationwide Service

Quigal, LLC, a leading provider of  services in Massachusetts , announced today that it will be offering nationwide service. is an attorney search engine that allows users to easily search for and quickly contact top quality legal professionals located in their area. Quigal first launched its initial beta website in Massachusetts in October of last year.

“ has continued to grow as expected and we are excited to bring this service to users nationwide,” commented Renate Harrison, founder and CEO. “The entire country吉林福彩网app官方下载 can now have access to quality attorneys anytime.”

Since first launching its site, has been steadily changing the way the public searches for  online. Its attorney search service allows a user to simultaneously contact up to ten distinguished attorneys by geographical location and practice area.

In preparation for launching nationwide, made sure its database infrastructure was ready to handle the challenges of going national. “We took the time we needed to make sure that our national launch would go smoothly and seamlessly, we know our users expect nothing less,” explained Harrison .

In conjunction with its national launch, has also announced that it will be running a sweepstakes campaign. More information regarding that campaign can be found by visiting .